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High purity silica

Silica, SiO2, is non-combustible, odorless, and colorless (or white) in crystal form. High-purity silica sand also known as silica sand, silica powder and silicon dioxide powder is a major industrial commodity since it is almost entirely composed of silica.
High purity Silica, is one of the most subtle yet prominent materials in the world.


● SIze 10-20 mesh ,30-50 mesh ,50-100 mesh ,100-200 mesh ,325 mesh ,1000 mesh ,5 micron ,2 micron
● High Purity Fused Silica

Uses of High Purity Silica

● Main filler in a wide range of products like semiconductor molding compounds, optical fibers, solar panel
● As strengthening filler in building materials
● In solar panels and high performance ceramics
● Electrical and electronics quartzware.
● Used in adhesives, cosmetics, printing inks and epoxy mold compounds in huge quantities.


Silicon quantum dots SiQDs

Silicon (Si) which is abundantly available in nature, is a non-toxic semiconductor nanoparticle and is the mainstay of the semiconductor industry. Under a certain size, silicon nanomaterials exhibit interesting optoelectronic properties owing to the quantum confinement of charge carriers and these nanomaterials become known as silicon quantum dots (SiQDs).

Advantages of SiQDs

● Available abundantly in nature
● Non-toxic making it a better alternative to existing quantum dots like cadmium, lead, indium based
● Unique and stable photoluminescence property
● Large Stokes shift
● Tunable optical properties
● Wavelength stability

Uses of SiQDS

Quantum dots represent the next wave of the semiconductor revolution. With their unique optical properties, biocompatibility, high quantum efficiency and wavelength stability Quantum Dots finds their place in a wide range of applications like
● Medical applications like vitro and vivo imaging
● Photochemical sensors
● Light emitting diodes
● Solar cells, photo detectors and sensors
● Luminescent solar concentrators


Nano silica

Nanosilica is a material that contains more than 99% SiO2. It's also known as quartz dust or silica dust. These silica particles have an average particle size ranging from 1 nm to about 100 nm. Nanosilica is a white fluffy powder composed of high purity amorphous silica powder. Because of its small particle size, nano-SiO2 has the advantages of large specific surface area, strong surface adsorption, large surface energy, high chemical purity, and good dispersion.


● Fine, white, amorphous powder
● SiO2 purity 99.98%
● Grain size 15 - 30 nanometer

Uses of Nano Silica

● In industry to make flat glass, glass products, molten sand, cement, fiberglass, ceramic enamel, sandblasting for antioxidants, filter sand, flux and refractory
● To improve strength, durability and stability of concrete and construction composite
● biomedical applications such as drug delivery and theranostics.
● In agriculture to increase plant resistance, seedling growth, root development, and
photosynthetic rate.


Fumed silica

Fumed silica, also known as Pyrogenic Silica is a nonporous, highly dispersed, amorphous silicon dioxide synthesized by a flame hydrolysis procedure. It is also known as Aerosil. With a low-bulk density and high surface area, fumed silica is used as a thickening, viscosity increasing and reinforcing filler.

Uses of Fumed Silica

Fumed silica is a white, fluffy powder used in many applications across many industries.
● As a flow-control agent due to its thickening, anti-caking , anti-settling, transparency, and
low-density properties
● Fumed Silica is used in cosmetics like sunscreens, shimmer pigments, or exfoliating
particles for its light-diffusing properties.
● It has a light abrasive property and hence, finds its place in products like toothpaste.
● As a filler in silicone elastomer and viscosity adjustment in paints, coatings, printing inks,
adhesives and unsaturated polyester resins


Spherical silica

Spherical silica is a specialized form of silica gel that has a spherical particle morphology. Spherical silica have the same intrinsic property as of any form silica but their smooth spherical surface free of cracks or cavities make their performance remain constant.


● Fine, white, amorphous powder
● Hydrophilic and spherical
● SiO2 purity 99.995%
● Particle size 20 - 550 nanometer
● Bulk density 34.1 kg/cu kg
● Specific gravity 2.1

Uses of Spherical Silica

The perfectly spherical shape of silicas, have smooth surfaces free of any cracks, cavities and
fines and this makes their performance remain constant throughout the range of particle sizes.
● Semiconductors
● Electronic packaging
● As a filler in paints and coatings
● In high grade ceramics
● In Cosmetics and personal care products
● Adhesives and die bonding materials
● Electronic ink and optical fibers


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